My Brand Identity

“Okay, so now we’re going to go around the room and tell everyone a little bit about ourselves.”

Me (internally): *has minor existential crisis and literally forgets everything about myself as though I have only recently inhabited my own body*

There are few things I hate more than “telling people a little bit about myself.” That awkward pause, followed by some superficial drivel spewed out in a moment of panic that makes me seem like a total airhead; is honestly enough to induce nausea.

Therefore, in all honesty, I was less than thrilled when we were tasked with identifying our “Brand Identity.”

Before choosing the path of copywriting, I had underestimated the importance to copywriter of having knowledge of the identity of a brand. However, it is becoming more clear to me that, without an understanding of a brand’s identity, one cannot come up with a creative solution that truly suits the brand and best communicates its product/service offerings.

We were asked:

What is your brand identity?
How would you sell yourself? 
How do you make people (employers) fall in love with you?
Who would be your target market?
What is your message?
Create a poem / a video / an ad campaign to sell yourself (it can be anything!) 

I decided to take the concept of “selling myself” literally, and turned myself into a Classifieds sales ad. Then I remembered human trafficking is illegal, so I turned it into a careers listing.  I’ve always loved print as a medium, so I found playing around with a Classifieds format highly enjoyable, in spite of the task at hand. I also enjoy the challenges involved in working with short copy, and this was a perfect opportunity to practice summarising what felt like the impossible – i.e. a description of myself.

Although I will always find self-introduction to be one of life’s greatest chores, this task asked some fairly unique questions that I would have never previously considered, meaning I was actually able to learn one or two new things about myself while completing the task.

Here is me, “up for sale”, in the latest issue of the Natal Mercury.

My Brand Identity


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