Concept Art aims to visually communicate an idea.


An Ode to my Mug

without you

there would be no morning coffee

no afternoon tea

no drunken two-minute noodles

nothing to fill the spaces on my desk

no paintbrush holder

no failed Pinterest recipes

no makeshift ashtray

no space for corny messages

nothing to knock over

not just once

but multiple times

despite your chipped imperfections

and stained interior

you remain one of man’s most wondrous creations

your usefulness often underappreciated

your humble appearance

acting as a disguise 

waiting to reveal 

the endless possibilities contained inside you 



What’s all this about then?

As the tagline suggests, this blog serves as a platform for me to share, reflect upon and finally, refine the content I churn out in my weekly Craft sessions.

For those of you who do not know me very well, I am a true perfectionist at heart. I am never without a ruler, ink smudges and messy handwriting give me anxiety, and I am highly critical of everything I produce.  So, while I hope that my content will not be too reminiscent of actual vomit, I hope to use this blog to not only reflect and refine, but to also challenge myself to bare more of my soul through my work, no matter how messy or unrefined it may seem at first. I’m slowly beginning to learn that the best kind of creative work is in fact; the untidy, the unapologetic and the seemingly unheard of.

May this blog fill me with a discomfort that spawns only the most extraordinary of ideas.

x x x