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Headline Poetry

Nothing screams poetic quite like the June 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine, am I right?

image1 (1).JPG

Not bad, considering the amount of pages of makeup tips and boy advice I had to sift through before finding these.

This task allowed me to seek beauty in the most unlikely of places, something I’m trying to practice in all areas of my life, and something I will likely have to practice thoroughly in the future when given a seemingly dull and lifeless pitch.


An Ode to my Mug

without you

there would be no morning coffee

no afternoon tea

no drunken two-minute noodles

nothing to fill the spaces on my desk

no paintbrush holder

no failed Pinterest recipes

no makeshift ashtray

no space for corny messages

nothing to knock over

not just once

but multiple times

despite your chipped imperfections

and stained interior

you remain one of man’s most wondrous creations

your usefulness often underappreciated

your humble appearance

acting as a disguise 

waiting to reveal 

the endless possibilities contained inside you 




Assign a gender to your business and take it to a party as a date, how do you introduce
him or her?

I chose Cotton On as my love interest. Walking into their stores and trying on their clothing gives me genuine butterflies and heart palpitations, so I felt it was only fitting.

Gender of my business: Female.

Me: Re-imagined as a male.

Dialogue format

Scene: At a party. 

Friend: And who is this then?

Me: Cotton, I’d like you to meet James.

Cotton: Nice to meet you James.

Friend (to Cotton): Cotton?

Me (interrupting): Yeah it’s her actual name.

Friend (to Cotton): Where’s that from?

Me (interrupting): I don’t really know, I mean she’s from Australia so maybe there’s some Aboriginal roots there?

Friend: Hmm.

Me: Yeah, exotic, I know. (Smiling at Cotton)

Friend: What do you do Cotton?

Me (interrupting): She works in fashion. She’s so dedicated to her work, you’d swear it’s an extension of herself. That’s how we met actually. I had seen her only once before at Pavilion shopping mall, but I then found out through her social media that she would be making an appearance at Gateway in Umhlanga. After finally meeting her in person, it was like love at first sight. It was our two year anniversary on Monday.

Friend: I’m so happy for you two. Everything still going well I presume?

Me: Well, yeah I mean every relationship has its ups and downs, right sweetie? She definitely has the kind of taste that does some damage to your wallet. But I don’t mind. Quality always comes at a price. (Smiling)

(Cotton walks away)

Friend: Dude, no offense, but isn’t she a little young for you?

Me: Nah. I mean, she has her childish side. But she’s an old soul at heart.

Friend: Okay, well as long as she’s legal. (Nervous laughter)

Me: She’s also really into her gyming. And you should see her lingerie collection…

Friend: (interrupting) Okay okay, TMI.

The concept

Cotton On originated in Australia, hence my use of Australia as the backstory for Cotton’s name.

Her job in fashion alludes to the fact that Cotton On is an actual clothing brand.

Cotton On first arrived in Durban at the Pavilion Shopping Mall, a branch I only visited once, but later expanded to Gateway, a branch I visit regularly. I decided to then use this as the backstory for our “first meeting.”

There is an allusion to the Kids Clothing section of Cotton On at the point in the conversation whereby my friend inquires about the age of Cotton, whereby I subsequently respond by saying she “has her childish side”; i.e. she has her kids section.

Similarly, I allude to the Activewear section of Cotton on by stating: “She’s really into her gyming”; as well as Cotton On Body (their underwear and PJ’s section) by stating: “And you should see her lingerie collection…”

Upon reflection, I realised that this dialogue may initially be confusing to the reader, and would most likely require me to explain the concept further. I find that the best copy (but not always) is the copy whereby the concept or thinking behind the creative solution is made immediately apparent and therefore easier to appreciate and/or understand. Although I wanted to force myself to go with the first concept that jumped to mind instead of overthinking, I feel that I still need to work on de-complicating my concepts.

I really enjoyed this task, as it allowed me to dabble in some dialogue copy. Film is one of my many creative passions, and this task allowed me to “dip my toe” into some dialogue/screenwriting.


My Brand Identity

“Okay, so now we’re going to go around the room and tell everyone a little bit about ourselves.”

Me (internally): *has minor existential crisis and literally forgets everything about myself as though I have only recently inhabited my own body*

There are few things I hate more than “telling people a little bit about myself.” That awkward pause, followed by some superficial drivel spewed out in a moment of panic that makes me seem like a total airhead; is honestly enough to induce nausea.

Therefore, in all honesty, I was less than thrilled when we were tasked with identifying our “Brand Identity.”

Before choosing the path of copywriting, I had underestimated the importance to copywriter of having knowledge of the identity of a brand. However, it is becoming more clear to me that, without an understanding of a brand’s identity, one cannot come up with a creative solution that truly suits the brand and best communicates its product/service offerings.

We were asked:

What is your brand identity?
How would you sell yourself? 
How do you make people (employers) fall in love with you?
Who would be your target market?
What is your message?
Create a poem / a video / an ad campaign to sell yourself (it can be anything!) 

I decided to take the concept of “selling myself” literally, and turned myself into a Classifieds sales ad. Then I remembered human trafficking is illegal, so I turned it into a careers listing.  I’ve always loved print as a medium, so I found playing around with a Classifieds format highly enjoyable, in spite of the task at hand. I also enjoy the challenges involved in working with short copy, and this was a perfect opportunity to practice summarising what felt like the impossible – i.e. a description of myself.

Although I will always find self-introduction to be one of life’s greatest chores, this task asked some fairly unique questions that I would have never previously considered, meaning I was actually able to learn one or two new things about myself while completing the task.

Here is me, “up for sale”, in the latest issue of the Natal Mercury.

My Brand Identity

What’s all this about then?

As the tagline suggests, this blog serves as a platform for me to share, reflect upon and finally, refine the content I churn out in my weekly Craft sessions.

For those of you who do not know me very well, I am a true perfectionist at heart. I am never without a ruler, ink smudges and messy handwriting give me anxiety, and I am highly critical of everything I produce.  So, while I hope that my content will not be too reminiscent of actual vomit, I hope to use this blog to not only reflect and refine, but to also challenge myself to bare more of my soul through my work, no matter how messy or unrefined it may seem at first. I’m slowly beginning to learn that the best kind of creative work is in fact; the untidy, the unapologetic and the seemingly unheard of.

May this blog fill me with a discomfort that spawns only the most extraordinary of ideas.

x x x


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